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Casual wear for women are a tricky affair. There is no code , no rule, no, pattern, but lots of freedom. But with that freedom comes a huge responsibility to look good. Each season simply means a different casual dress. The casual dress code emphasise on personal expression and exercise comfort over anything.  So when we say casual wear for women, what comes in mind is something relaxed, occasional, not planned, or informal.

Some of the best casual looks of 2019 are given below.


Jumpsuit looks like a one piece dress. this is a garment that integrate both top and bottom in one piece. Earlier, jumpsuit was a rare sight but over the years , things have changed and became one of the casual wear for women.

Suddenly they are everywhere, in offices, in nightclubs, in friend gatherings. Not just this, they are even toping the list of most casual outfit that suits both the category really well- office and outings. They are comfortable, suits every body type. And you can choose from a pool of variety.



Jeans for women is one of the best and most favourable piece of outfit. Jeans come in various styles and designs, so you have a huge variety to choose from- pencil jeans, high waist jeans, bell bottoms, flared jeans etc. and the best part is you can actually pair them with anything, like anything. Just get into a high neck crop top with a high waist jeans and you will steal the light even on regular basis. Pair it up with a white shirt and you are office ready.



They are in the category of most comfortable dress. And pretty too. Maxi dress is a piece of clothing that covers your full body and is airy and most suited for summer times. However with fashion being so forward, you can actually wear a woollen maxi dress with thigh high boots and damn you look like a runway model. The summer maxi dresses look pretty with all the pop of colours happening. RITU KUMAR LABEL provides some of the best maxi dress in India. Mango, zara, givanchy etc. offers some of the best office casual wear for women maxi dress.



Earlier known as bell bottoms, this time round in the fashion world, they are called broad pants, or flare pants, as unlike bell bottoms which came only in jeans fabric, these pants come in almost every possible fabric. They are ruling the fashion world with their casual yet chic  fashion presentation. Though considered as casual, they make for a hot and classy look if pulled off together nicely. Also they are here to stay. So invest in some good ones from brands like H&M, MANGO, ZARA etc.

casual wear-broad-pants-2019


You know long skirts have their roots in India in the form of ghagra, mostly worn by rajasthani women to beat the desert heat. long skirts have actually never gone out of fashion, just got upgraded every now and then. Today you can actually wear a woollen full length skirt and look sharp. Leather skirts have always been in fashion. Also we have them available in various fabric and vast number of colours.



A casual dress is very hard to define. Whatever you feel comfortable in is a casual dress. Whatever you feel like wearing while going out with friends is a casual dress. I guess the only difference I can make out is that a formal dress is too sharp while a casual one is a little flowy. Colours like pastels, olives, beige look really nice for a casual dress. So get some.



Talk about casual, and you cannot miss on those little pair of shots or hot pants as they are called. This is the most casual attire you can opt for. A pair of denim shorts, with white button shirt is a classic. Shorts also come in various fabrics now, linen, rayon, cotton, denim etc. the one thing that you must pay attention to and definitely purchase on my recommendation is a shorts suit for your daily office look. They are so in. plus they give you the feel of bosslady. Checks, plain colours, dark shades, they are available in enough options. Do grab one.



They act like a prop to your attire. Casual jackets is anything that you put on your dress to make it look more casual.  A long jacket Over a pair of shorts, over your dress, pants, anything. These jackets help in defining your outfit of the day. So they are important.


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