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Let’s define casual wear for men first. We all carry different opinions about big casually dressed. Some of us feel jeans may look casual, while other feels shorts are part of the casual culture. The two words casual and formal have a huge gap to clear. But in today’s time, it is not what you wear, it is more about how you wear.

There are few clothes that can be casually carried in your day to day functioning, and also on the days when don’t feel like dressing up. CASUAL wear for men is something relaxed, occasional, not planned, informal. It is about personal expression over presentation.

So at, are presenting a list that should be part of every man’s casual wear for men shelf. These are some of the mandatory casual wear one must have in the current season.



Do you know jeans were invented as a uniform for gold miners? Later they were taken over by the bikers post 2 world war. They were worn by the young guys, as a statement of freedom and attitude. Even psychology suggest, your walk alters when you wear a jeans. That’s the impact of a good jeans. Today they are the most essential part of men’s wardrobe. Just pair them up with anything, shirts tees and for that matters your vest, they just raise your game. So invest in some good jeans. Brands like LEVI’S, DIESEL, LEE JEANS, CALVI KLEIN, ARMANI JEANS, WRANGLER give you amazing collection to choose from.



Dress shirts are the shirts that open up from front. They were part of the formal shelf till recent years. But they have made their space in the casual section with the variety of them available in the market. There are checks, patterns, prints, and of course designs. You can choose form a pool of different kind of collars they come in. from classic collar to tennis collar, spread collar, the ozwald boating collar, mandarin collar which is also famously known as Nehru collar ,and wingtip collar . we will later do a complete post on types of collars but for now, let’s choose from them as they look classy with a dark pair of jeans.



Earlier tees were worn by men as an undergarment. They would wear them beneath their shirts to get structure. But over the years they have gained their reputation in the wardrobe and have come up as a main article to wear. They are simply the most casual wear. Pair them with a jeans some boots and you are good to go. One can also layer it up with a cool shirt opening at the front. Some of the brands that offer some col tees are lacoste, nike, Adidas, tommy Hilfiger ,Gucci, Versace, strauss &co.



Sports blazer or sports coat are essential to be part of your wardrobe because  of their versatility. Sports coat can be the perfect addition to almost any outfit to really pull a look together. It can be worn with a pair of jeans to pull of that casual yet handsome look. Some brands pay extra attention in developing some amazing sports coat for you, like van heusen, arrow, polo Ralph lauren etc. so grab some cool checks .



Casual shoes are the most important part of your casual look as they are the game changer in many ways. These type of shoes are comfortable to wear and perfectly suit your daily routine and casual use and outings. There is a wide variety of casuals shoes to choose from like loafers, converse, mocassins, derby shoes, boots etc. are all part of the casual shoe shelf. So grab some cool ones to up your look for daily use, for parties, and what not. Companies like woodland, puma, sparx, crocs etc. provide for some cool sneakers and casual shoes.


casual wear-shorts-2019

Last but not the least on the list are some cool pair of shorts. Though some feel uncomfortable wearing them in office , they make for some cool after work wear. They look awesome for travelling, they make a good choice for a relaxed party ,a beach party, or an evening with friends. Just pair one with a nice printed breezy shirt and you are good to go.


Casual wear is a way to express yourself, thus there is no hard core rules to follow. The task is to actually make perfect combination, and you are good to go. With a hope that this helps in framing your casual wardrobe choices, we will discuss some more ideas in our next post. So stay tuned.

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