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Skin types for Skincare for women 2020 literal means the use of various ingredients for the different types of skin. It the range of practices that support skin texture, develops its appearance and help in getting rid of various skin issues. But with the pool of skincare for women products in the market, how to choose what is good for your skin types for skincare and what is not good for your skin types. It is a very tricky situation to choose what suits you what does not. So we at are starting a series on skincare for women products that will in every post deal with specific kind of skin types for skincare to help you understand your skin better and choose the right kind of skin care product for your skin.


skin types for skincare

First things first, you need to understand the type of skin that you have. We all have different kinds of skin and we need to understand that not same product might suit your skin type which suits someone else even in the family.

There are mainly five kinds of skin types:


skin types for skincare

This type of skin secrets natural oils in abundance and they have larger pores. Firstly, The big pores have more active oil glands and therefore, more secretion will take place. Secondly, The major trouble is that they have a fairly visible oily film on their skin throughout the day and that creates the trouble of breakouts. As a result, It becomes tough in extreme weathers as your skin attracts pollution dust and other elements more easily than other skin types.


skin types for skincare

If your skin shows no life, then it is clear that it has dried out. The way to find out whether you have dry skin or not is as simple as that no matter how much you are happy and healthy, the dry skin seems lifeless because it is dull as it has a layer of dead skin cells. Moreover, it keeps on drying out with age. Major causes of dry skin are considered to be hot showers, excessive sun exposure and over exfoliating.


skincare for women

As the name suggest, it is a combination of different skin type as therefore not really considered as a type of actual skin type. It is a combination of oily and dry skin. This kind of skin tends to get oily during summer and dry in winters. A lot of people suggest that a skin which has oil in the T-ZONE and dry around is a combination skin, but that’s not correct. A combination skin type changes seasonally. This type of skin has oil secretion happening more around your t-zone and might become sensitive at various spots. So a lot is happening at the same time on the same face.


skin types for skincare

Just like It’s sister concern combination skin, normal skin is hard to explain. Firstly, Normal is just normal and it means normal. Secondly, when none of the consequences of the other skin types are happening, you call your skin normal skin type. Thirdly, normal skin type tends to tolerate most of the products and this type of skin is considered as healthy and sufficiently hydrated. Therefore, It has enough oils ,sebum production happening and adequately dry. As a result, It is not easily affected with acnes, rashes, and other skin related problems. And that is a healthy skin known as normal skin. Period.


skin types for skincare

This skin type is most tricky of all. Even your writer suffers from this(sic.). Anyways, it has a long list of consequences like acne, rosacea, contact dermatitis, and it’s prone to burning and itching. Most importantly, this kind of skin type has reactions to almost every possible ingredient. Some Dermatologists explains that sensitive skin is not something permanent but a consequence of dry skin been over exfoliated, or regular use of some harsh products. But people with sensitive skin needs to be more careful than dry skin as anything wrong might trigger for them.

skin types for skincare

We have discussed with you the various types of skin so that you know in which category does your skin falls. In the next post, we will start discussing various products that are suitable for your skin type. So stay tune and hydrated.

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