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Your saree blouse is the piece of clothing lying in your wardrobe have the power to make those heads turn in amusement as you become part of the next party that you are planning to go. Even the top designers of the country make sure to pay immense attention to this piece of clothing. A beautiful blouse even on a very simple saree will make party-ready in no time. The present-day fashion market is overflowing with vibrant, elegant and the most stylish saree blouse designs. This overflow of designs offer you the widest variety of choices on one hand but might confuse you even more on the other. To save you some time and effort, we dug in into this fashion market and prepared this latest saree blouse designs catalogue for you. Do save the best ones as you go through them.

The first modification that comes to our mind when we go out to look for our saree blouses is the neckline. The neckline and how your blouse appears from the front is what people are going to notice primarily in your look. Here are the trending saree blouse designs front for you to choose the best ones from.

Some of the latest Saree Blouse Designs are:

1. Deep V Neck Saree Blouse Design


We have been crushing over these V-Neck saree blouses from the moment we saw them. Embellished with mirrors and thread work these saree blouse designs with pattern will perfectly match your charm in the next party that you attend.

2. Lacework Saree Blouse Design


This trending saree blouse design made of lace is ideal for women who want to wear fancy without being too out there. The texture of the lace is super soft and comfortable on your skin and flatter your curves perfectly.

3. High Neck Blouse Design


This high neck saree blouse donned by various fashionistas of Bollywood themselves at various functions is the blouse inspiration you were looking for the winter wedding that you need to attend. Opt for this blouse design in the colour of your choice to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time.

4. Strappy Saree Blouse Design


These gorgeous strappy saree blouse designs are going to compliment even the simplest of your saree. Cute yet sexy, this blouse is definitely a must add to your collection of top saree blouse designs.

5. Cape Saree Blouse Design


A blend of ethnic with modern, this blouse took our hearts away as soon as we laid our eyes on it. This is one of the most stylish blouse designs in the list with a decent proportion exposure & coverage.

6. Boat Neck Saree Blouse Design


If choosing the smart one is your style, you simply can’t go wrong with is boat neck blouse design. Solid or prints, pair this blouse with the saree of your choice and take their breath away.

7. Jacket Inspired Saree Blouse Design


Another fusion of traditional & western result are these ravishing jacket blouses. Nothing makes your saree look smarter than these. put on a colourful jacket blouse with a plain saree and you are sorted.

8. Belted Saree Blouse Design


This serves as a perfect option if you want to flaunt that sculpted waistline of yours. The belt in the blouse draws attention to your waist instantly.

9. Corset Saree Blouse Design


This one came into light in recent years and haven’t gone out of fashion since its arrival. Corset blouses are the one to opt for to complete your elegant saree look.

10. Bikini Inspired Saree Blouse Design


Do we even need to say anything? A sexier outfit than a bikini has not been designed yet, a blouse inspired from this is something you should own if you are keen on looking sexy in the next gathering.

11.Shimmer Blouse Design


A blouse enveloped with shimmer is the one to own for adding to your glam this evening. A Shimmer Blouse with a solid or ombre plain saree or even with a shimmer saree makes you look your glamorous best.

12. Peplum Saree Blouse Design


This jaw-dropping gorgeous blouse walks up to you right from the runway. One of the trending saree blouse design deserves a place in your wardrobe for sure.

13. Colourful Cutwork Blouse Design


We couldn’t take our eyes off this masterpiece by Arpita Mehta on our hunt to find the best saree blouse designs for you. The cutwork in vibrant colours makes the blouse apt for both casual & festive looks.

14. Half Sheer- Half Embellished Saree Blouse Design


This new blouse design by Manish Malhotra is what a royal blouse inspiration is. The upper half of the blouse is see-through & the other half is embellished beautifully. The blouse gives out a glimpse of your skin without revealing too much.

15. All Beaded Blouse Design


Another detailing that we catch everyone’s eyes as you go out wearing it is this unique all beaded detailing which has your blouse all covered under beads. This blend of traditional & modern by Papa don’t Preach have us going gaga over it.

20. Tassel Detailed Saree Blouse Design


This one of a kind creation is the one that will help you to stand out among the crowd. On the evening on which you wear it, the crystals & tassel on the blouse are going to be the highlight of your look.

21. Mandarin Inspired Blouse Design


Looking for an option to complete the traditional saree look that you have been planning for a long time? Here’s your answer. Mandarin Collar looks traditional yet is one of the smartest looks in the list.

22. Halter Neck Design


Kriti Sanon’s Diwali Party look went viral in no time. One of the major contributors of this look was the pretty Halter neck that she chose to pair with this white shimmer saree. Deepika’s red saree with same colour halter neck are just some inspo you can take.

23. Shirt Saree Blouse Design


Didn’t you already expect this one to be on the list? Fashion is all about mixing & matching & we are yet to find a more perfect mix-match than this one. Must say a dapper one!

24. Strapless Blouse Design


This style is for the ones who are bold enough to carry a strapless blouse and make a statement with it. You can wear an embroided or plain strapless blouse with a plain saree and create a designer look.

25. Collar Saree Blouse Design


Last but not the least is your collar design Blouse. Though already discussed above as Shirt blouse but you can develop collar blouse in every form. backless, short, long, halter collars and in many ways.

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